Paul Pryor is a Director and Director of Photography, and a born and raised Texan now based in Santa Monica, California.  If he could support his loving wife as a fly fisherman, I'm sure he'd put the camera down for a while.

     Although still feeling green, his earlier career involved working with talented camera folk in Austin Texas, and joining the International Cinematographers Guild, as a film loader, and camera assistant.  A few overseas projects pulled him out of the dark room, and put him right smack dab in sunny east Africa. Since then he's had the privilege of getting to work with some worthy cause organizations, such as Charity: Water, TOM's Shoes, Invisible Children and such. He's shot projects for various adventure minded brands as well such as, Red Bull, Gerber Knives, and Ford Motor Company. 

    Whether it's with a fly fishing pole, or a camera he's always looking for some excuse to roll up some sleeves and take on an adventure. 



Paul Pryor

Phone: 936-591-2183

Email: ptpryor@gmail.com

instajam: @thefishaman